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Solvent Epoxy Resin

Product Overview

A mixed solution obtained by dissolving solid epoxy resins having high viscosity and low molecular weight in xylene or n-butyl acetate and other solvents. It is one of the solvent epoxy resins.    

The technology is the result of the international scientific and technological cooperation between the company and Korea KumhoChemical Group Institute. This cooperation is conducive to absorbing the advanced experience and advanced technology of the developed countries and speeding up the upgrading of the product structure and the new product research and development of our country.   

We now provide the followingsolvent epoxy resins: YN1826X80, YN2301X75, YN2837A80 and so on. 

Product Uses

With advantages like good adhesion, good resistance to acid, alkali, salt, weather, and so on, the products can be widely used in coatings, electrical, construction and other related fields, Recognised for the good performances,the YN2837A80 series are designed to make heat conduction plates, aluminumsubstrateand so on.

Features Indicators

Grade EEW
( g/eq )
YN1826X80 210 ~ 240 -


Max. 100 79 ~ 81 Ambient Cure Coating
YN2301X75 450 ~ 500 8000-12000 Max. 100 74 ~ 76
YN2834X85 235 ~ 265 3000-5000 Max. 100 84 ~ 86
YN2837A80 320 ~ 360 Max. 1500 Max. 2G 79 ~ 81